Teaching - Learning Methods At Ecokids

The education system at the Ecokids Kindergarten System was advised by Japanese experts, approaching and applying the advantages of modern kindergarten methods such as Regio Emilia, Montessori ... based on the following principles:

1. Create a friendly atmosphere

The Ecokids school system believes that "a good personality will shape and develop in a friendly environment". Therefore, the entire staff - teachers - school management board always try to create a friendly environment, filled with laughter, a comfortable learning space, a safe play environment for each child in early childhood to fully develop and form a good personality.

2. Respect the differences

A well-known scholar once said, "Infants and geniuses have similarities, it's curiosity. Let childhood begin in its own way, let the genius come out and grow up in its own way. " Accordingly, the education principle that the Ecokids Kindergarten System is always adhering to is to respect the differences of each child, so that children are free to grow with their infinite creative possibilities, also while respecting the differences of those around them.

3. Respect for independence

At the Ecokids Kindergarten system, children will always be given the opportunity to express their independence, the ability to solve problems themselves. Teachers always listen to ideas, acknowledge the enthusiasm and encourage their own intentions. Besides, when the children are deadlocked and distracted, not being able to handle the problem themselves, the teacher is ready to suggest, help the children. Ecokids believes that an independent child in preschool age will become "adults" with their own opinions and accomplish despite having gone through a constant process of trying and making mistakes.

4. Respect the development stage of the child

The Ecokids kindergarten education system is based on the principle of respect for the characteristics and developmental pace of each child in preschool age. With activities taking place at school, the Ecokids teachers follow each child and help them when needed. When evaluating, the teacher evaluates according to the developmental status of each child and suggests support so that the child can continue to develop in the next stage.

5. Integrate learning content

Training programs at the Ecokids Kindergarten System use integrated curriculum and methods. Lessons are not discrete disciplines but complement each other in subject matter. In this way, new concepts are taught through activities that are planned for each small group or for the whole class.