Preschool education is part of the national education system. Based on the goals of early childhood education, the Ecokids kindergarten system builds a system of programs for children to develop holistically physical - intellectual - personality.

National Education Program

Based on MoET's preschool education program, Ecokids focuses on: Maximizing the potential of individuals; Attitude - Skills - Knowledge; Comprehensive physical and mental health care for students.

Natural Absorption English Program

With a duration of 5 periods per week, Ecokids expect English as a language of communication between teachers and students. Accompanying Ecokids is the May School English Center with over 20 years of experience teaching English to children. The program is designed according to each age to help preschool children absorb English in the most natural way.

Physical development by Japanese method

Ecokids believes that, during the growth of the child, preschool age is considered to be the golden age of development. The combination of advanced physical exercise combined with music, movement games, outdoor activities and scientific nutrition of Japan will help children develop superior physiology.

Additional skills programs

Ecokids has designed a modern, multi-functional classroom that gives children the opportunity to access, experience, develop their feelings about music - painting, science and life skills. In particular, Ecokids attaches importance to building an environment for children to develop the capacity of 21st century citizens: to have confidence, independence but also full of compassion.

The Ecokids Kindergarten always adheres to the principle of "child-centered" so each student will be attended and cared in accordance with the characteristics and potential of children. The program of study at Ecokids aims to build a solid foundation for the learning of children at higher education levels.