Why choose Ecokids?

The Ecokids Kindergarten system is born with the desire to share the community's concern for building an international quality Kindergarten environment that will provide the foundation for children to acquire the best knowledge at the next school levels.

Since its inception in Ecopark in 2014, Ecokids have consistently maintained a philosophy of "striving for the future of children."

Following this philosophy, Ecokids puts children at the center of all activities, listening to their thoughts and ideas, motivating them to give each child the opportunity to maximize his or her capacity.

Ecokids develops a scientific education program that combines national standards and Japanese Kindergarten education. Ecokids are interested in teaching children the importance of "Nhan - Le - Nghia - Tri - Tin", enhanced physical activity, discipline and independence in life.

Understanding the importance of language to children, Ecokids in conjunction with Mayschool - An English Center that has more than 20 years of experience in the English language training for children, creates a natural environment for children to be able to absorb English through daily activities.

Coming to Ecokids, parents will be assured when children have delicious meals advised by Japanese nutrition experts on the full range of nutritions, ensuring energy for a day of learning and play by the children.

The central factor of Ecokids is the children, so all activities are focused by the school to help children develop their full values. We always keep in mind the desire to “teach children to love learning," as well as "to maximize the potential of the child." The team of experts, consultants together with teachers and staffs of the school always research, explore, develop and innovate methods, to improve the quality of care - nurture - education according to international standards, to match the trust the parents have given us.