Vision and Mission

* Vision

Ecokids Kindergarten System aims to become a leading organization in the country and in the world in the field of early childhood care and education, combining national cultural values ​​with international education to create global citizens.


Ecokids Kindergarten System defines the mission of providing and operating a high quality education program for Kindergarten-aged children in Vietnam, being child-centered, providing opportunities for children to develop comprehensively in preparation for your children succeed at higher education levels and nurture a lifetime of passion for learning

*Core values

The Ecokids Kindergarten system puts HEART as the foundation for the organization and operation of the education system. All teachers, staff in the system are committed to building a chain of high quality preschools, where parents entrust their love.

In addition, the Ecokids School System confirms that the most valuable assets that make up the Ecokids brand are: