With young children, outside the family, Kindergarten teachers are considered second mothers, helping children learn early knowledge. Therefore, Kindergarten teachers play an important role in educating young children.

The Ecokids kindergarten system boasts a highly qualified, experienced, committed, dynamic, and dedicated team of specialists who have a love for children. With the aim of becoming a second family of children, the Ecokids kindergarten system constantly improves the quality of teaching, providing opportunities for teachers to improve their pedagogical and professional skills.

Classroom teachers not only adopt a new, student-centered approach, but are also a supportive mother and sister and arousing inspiration for the child in exploring knowledge.

Every teacher at Ecokids has advanced and specialized training in pedagogy, professional knowledge and practice with dedication and enthusiasm:

Ecokids teachers graduate from preschool pedagogies.

Main teachers at Ecokids have more than 03 years of experience, support teachers have at least 01 - 02 years of experience.

Teachers are trained on standards of early childhood teachers, professional standards, communication skills, pedagogy ... before class.

Teachers’ classes at Ecokids are scheduled to be audited twice a month and also randomly.