Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

We warmly welcome you to Ecokids Kindergarten School System!

Ecokids is proud to bring parents and students to the kindergarten program of the Ministry of Education, as well as teaching and learning methods developed by leading Japanese experts. The environment at Ecokids is safe and warm, with respect for personal development.

Coming to Ecokids, children are naturally and meaningfully immersed in the English environment in daily activities.

Coming to Ecokids, children are immersed in nature with healthy active exercises and sometimes gentle, flexible exercises while listening to melodies.

Coming to Ecokids, parents will be assured that children have delicious meals advised by Japanese nutrition experts, to assure full energy for a day of learning and play.

The central element of Ecokids is the children. Our individualized learning approach places each child at the center of all activities, so that they fully develop the values:







Together with mindfulness and desire to "give children a passion for learning", as well as maximizing the potential of the children, our team of experts, consultants together with teachers, staff of Ecokids always researches, explores, develops and innovates methods, raising the quality of care - nourishment - education approaching international standards to not make light of the love and trust that parents have sent us.

We hope that the Ecokids Kindergarten System will be a home full of laughter!